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Sandy Springs’ New Deluxe Technology Center Will Focus On Collaboration and Fintech Workforce

Deluxe Corporation has developed from its roots as the inventor of the checkbook more than a century ago to become one of the most recognized companies in the business development and financial services industries.

Despite its huge scale, Deluxe’s concentration on small companies has resulted in the creation of a television program and the expansion of the team into Atlanta’s FinTech sector in recent years.

Deluxe inaugurated its Technology Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia, earlier this month. An innovation and experience center for clients will be housed within the 170,000-square-foot facility, with a particular emphasis on how Deluxe can collaborate with small company customers to co-develop new products.

According to Deluxe President and CEO Barry McCarthy, the center will assist the company in recruiting top FinTech talent for its burgeoning payments, cloud, promotional items, and legacy check business units, all of which are experiencing rapid growth.

“When it comes to payment processing, we have considerable scale, with approximately $3 trillion in volume processed each year.” As a result, we are an important player in the payments ecosystem. And it is for this reason that we believe it is critical for us to establish a physical presence in Atlanta. It really is the FinTech capital of the world, as well as the payments capital of the world.”

Different levels have been purposefully constructed to allow Deluxe’s employees and their small companies to “speak in real time to consumers and then take that feedback and go work on goods together,” as the company puts it.

A small company owner’s most valuable asset is time, which he or she lacks in plenty. Consequently, everything a firm like ours can do to give them back time to spend in their businesses would be beneficial,” he continued.

A strong emphasis on purposeful connection and cooperation is maintained throughout the workplace environment, with McCarthy telling Hypepotamus that the team has done away with individual offices.

Everyone, including the CEO, is on the ground floor with the team, trying to address customer problems in the post-COVID environment. It’s not like we have an ivory tower or a location where individuals can go and hide behind closed doors in our society. “You must be a member of the team and a piece of the puzzle when trying to solve difficulties,” he continued.

McCarthy explained that this design is also part of the company’s efforts to prepare for a “very mobile future” and to provide employees with more flexible work alternatives.